My name is Rozemarijn and I am 21 years old. Soon I will receive my teachers degree. Three years ago, I close to study 'Dutch', because that's where my greatest passion is included: to write! This year I will start teaching at another school. A short while ago I decided that it was time to jump into something new. I needed to get out of my comfort zone. I wanted to start writing on a website, because then everyone would be able to read it. And so I did: www.likearose.nl was born!


That is why I now decided to create an English page. Most of my written pieces are in Dutch, but I'm starting to write more in English, because I adore the English language. A few of the poems I've written so far, are in English. You will find them under the heading: poetry.



The picture above can tell you who I am. It was taken on the 31st of january 2018, in the middle of the snow. The night before, I arrived at Calgary airport, Canada. I did not have enough sleep, but I came along with the school trip anyway. And there I was, on the top of the mountain. I finally reached what I had wanted to reach for a very long time. The snow cracked under my feet, the air froze my lungs and my heart couldn't help jumping. Seeing this picture can still make me feel flurried. It was my first trip that far from home. I was all alone, but I had amazing weeks. 


After those weeks, I came home, where I always feel safe and loved.  My family and boyfriend were waiting on me at the airport when I arrived. That was the moment that I realised, more than ever, that my world ís in Holland. There are so many things I can be thankful for! 


I have already written a lot in my own language, on the dutch version of this website: www.likearose.nl. I noticed that people from over all the world are visiting here, so I decided to create an English page as well. 


Take a look around! I'll do my best, and I hope I will be able to write in English a lot more often. Also, you are welcome to visit and follow my Facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/LikeAwrittenRose/