Muskathlon Compassion, 16-24 oktober 2020.


In the autumn break of 2020, I will stay in Tanzania, Africa. I will run 21 km, half the marathon, to rescue as much children from poverty as possible. On october 16th in 2020, I will get on the airplane, together with all the other runners of Compassion. 


Now and then I will write something about the development of my condition, the sponsoring and all my experiences. I know coming year is going to be tough, but as long as I will keep the strenght up, it is going to be a beautiful year as well. Because, to be honest - whenever I hold still and think about my choice to go to Tanzania, I can silently cry of happiness. Receiving this chance, being able to do this as a christian... I take that as very special. I can only thank God for giving me this chance. I'm looking forward to everything that will happen next year! 



Ofcourse I can not arrive empty handed in Tanzania. For every 1.000 euro I sponsor, 1 child will be rescued out of poverty. The goal is 10.000 euro. Coming year, I will do many activities to collect the money. I'm getting very chearful of every sponsoring! For further information, you can always contact me, or you can visit the website of Compassion:


I'm looking forward to everything! 


Until I'll write again.