Welcome on the page 'religion'.


On october 12th, 2012, I made the choice to get baptised. That means I have been baptised as a baby and as a 14 year old. Being baptised as a growing kid meant a lot to me; finally I could show the world that I had chosen for Jesus.


Almost 6 years later, on march 25th, 2018, I confessed in church that I wanted to make the choice for God again. I was a wonderful day! Yet, very short after that day, I realised that having faith can be very difficult. When the feeling seems to be gone, I easily make the mistake to doubt. It is important to know that 'trust' comes first, before the 'feeling', even though that is challenging sometimes... 


Anyway - my religion, my choice for God, is my strength for writing. He is my spirit! I love Him and that's something I love to write about. 


May God bless you and the ones you love.




Faith in God is the strongest weapon anyone can have. It's the strongest weapon Í have.